• Built in a team of 2 alongside a talented partner.
• Breadboarded and tested entire circuit and root cause analysis using a multimeter.  
• An autonomous robot made using IR sharp sensors, motors, custom designed PCB, and a PIC microcontroller.
• Designed the structure of the bot through AutoCAD and Solid Edge, then 3D printed it out.
• Designed the circuits using EAGLE and Traxmaker PRO, then printed the design onto PCBs(re-designed in EAGLE later). 
• Developed software in Great Cow Basic to navigate through a maze to extinguish flames located inside the maze.
• Robot simulated an autonomous solution to extinguishing flames in a building.
Breadboard Prototyping and Testing Circuit Design
Top - Side
Etched PCBs
Soldered components onto PCB
Motherboard (Fan control TIP 120, PIC 16f887,
Motor and Line Detection Board
Header Board (Analog sensors and LEDs)
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